Looking to join a dedicated team striving to give our customers the best support possible? Want to join in a fun environment where everyone has fun with memes? Our support team is looking for new and amazing talent! Feel free to look below at our current positions and see if any fit your spot!
Customer Advocate
Location: Online     Type: Part Time     Min. Experience: Average     Pay: Voluntary/Commission
Customer Advocates are responsible for the front line of assisting customers with technical issues with there hosting service. You would be using live chat software such as Intercom to interact with our customers to provide the best customer service possible while maintaining a positive & uplifting attitude to our valued customers. You would also be handing our support tickets to assist customers via our WHMCS ticket system. You would be assisting customers with host level issues relating to IP’s not functioning, Services not provisioned and as well as internal server issues. Customer advocates are expected to be online at least 5 hours daily.  Apply Now
Sales Associate
Location: Online     Type: Part Time     Min. Experience: Low-Average     Pay: Voluntary/Commission

Sales Associate’s are responsible for assisting live chat sales requests. You would be using our live chat software Crisp to assist with customers having queries about our host and attempt to respond to all questions they may have about our host before they purchase. You would also be representing Aquatis on forums when customers are deciding which host to use. Associates may be paid commission as well based on the number of sales they rack onto the host. Sales associates are expected to be online at least 5 hours daily.

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