Service Level Agreement

 This Service-Level Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Service-Level Agreement”) is a policy agreement governing the use of Aquatis LLC’s services and applies separately to each Customer. This Service-Level Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Service-Level Agreement”) has been published & effective as of 9/24/2020, (“Effective Date”). The Parties have entered into an agreement effective on the date of service creation (the “Contract”).  In consideration of the foregoing, and of the terms and conditions and the Service Levels, the Parties hereby agree as follows below.

Service Availability Commitment

Aquatis will use reasonable efforts to ensure that each class of Aquatis Services identified below is “Available” during any given calendar month equal to the “Monthly Availability Commitment” for such services set further in the table below. In the event any of the Services do not meet the Monthly Availability Commitment, You will be eligible to receive service credit as described below.

Aquatis Services Monthly Availability Commitment
Minecraft – Multicraft 97%
Website Hosting – cPanel 99%
KVM Hosting – Virtulizor 97%
HRKVM Hosting – Virtualizor 99.8%
Dedicated Server 99.6%


Calculation of Availability

Monthly Availability Percentage” is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of minutes during the month in which any class of Aquatis Service was Unavailable. Monthly Availability Percentage measurements exclude Unavailability resulting directly or indirectly from any Unavailability Exclusion listed below.

SLA Limitations

In an event of any of the SLA being applied. Any situations listed below do not apply under our SLA for credit compensation.

  1. Exceeding Resource Usage: Interruption from exceeding your allocated resources which causes your service to be unavailable.
  2. Interruptions by Client: Interruption from downloading and installing 3rd party software which purposely causes interruptions .
  3. Uncontrollable Outages: Interruption due to weather or nation-wide outages are not controllable.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance: Interruption for planned maintenance emailed prior to 1 week does not apply for compensation.
  5. Software Errors: Interruption from 3rd party errors and unsupported software uploads are not supported.

Service Credits

Service credits are calculated as the amount of downtime for the individual service for the calendar month in which the Unavailability occurred in accordance with the schedule below. Each hour of downtime is rounded up to 1 Day of a service extension. If the downtime exceeds a 1-day threshold the credit is rounded up to another day as listed below. The max service extension will be 4-days (“72 Hours”).

Downtime Duration Service Credit/Extension
1 HR – 24 HR 2 Days
24 HR – 48 HR 3 Days
48 HR – 72 HR 4 Days


How to Request a Service Credit

  • To request a Service Credit, You must file a support request within seven (7) calendar days of the incident via our Billing Area.
  • The service credit can only be claimed by the direct owner of that service.
  • All SLA claimed will be looked into to ensure the claim is valid and the customer was affected during that time.
  • SLA claims for scheduled downtime will be rejected.
  • SLA claims deemed fraudulent will be rejected.
  • SLA claims caused by purposeful disruption will be rejected.

How to Request a Service Credit

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be redirected to our support team via our billing area.


Last Update: 3/19/2023